Recycling NJ
It is illegal to discard computers, monitors, televisions and laptops in the general trash in NJ. All businesses and households throughout New Jersey must arrange for these items to be recycled. For information on how to recycle electronic waste, click here.

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亚洲 欧美 变态 卡通 自拍Welcome to the Recycling NJ website. We hope you will find this website both easy to use and a great source of information for recycling in the garden state. This website was created with the simple aim of making it easier for the residents of New Jersey to find ways to recycle within their local area.

亚洲 欧美 变态 卡通 自拍In New Jersey, all residents and businesses are required to recycle by law. The mandatory recyclable items are determined by each individual county legislation as well as some statewide laws. For a simple guide for what must be recycled in each New Jersey county, click here.

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  • Waste disposal costs money. Your local community pays about $75 per ton of general trash to dispose of this waste at a landfill or incinerator. You are paying for this waste disposal through your local taxes or through trash haulage fees.
  • By reducing the amount of waste you generate or sending materials for recycling you not only reduce the waste disposal costs for your community but your local town profits from the sale of these materials to recycling companies. The more you recycle the more money a community can make from the recycling collection and consequently the more money the town has to spend on local schools and other services.
  • Recycling helps conserve valuable resources and energy.
  • Recycling helps to protect the environment.


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The website is geared towards residential waste recycling. Although we do provide some information for businesses, we recommend you look at the following websites that contain a lot of useful resources for businesses.


For Residents

There are many ways for households to recycle in New Jersey. The primary way to recycle is through your municipal curbside recycling collection (the collection of recyclable materials picked up from the curb outside your home), run by either the county or the town where you live.

To find out what you can place in your curbside recycling scheme, click here, and follow the links provided to your town's recycling information.

The purpose of the website is to help you to recycle items that are not collected in your regular curbside recycling collection. We provide links to county websites for hazardous waste collections and collections of specific materials that are not commonly collected from outside your home.

In addition to that, we provide details about recycling schemes run by local businesses who have developed specific collections, for materials appropriate to their customers. Often these collections are free to use and provide a convenient way for you to recycle more of your waste, by simply dropping off recyclables at locations throughout New Jersey.

We hope that through this website you will discover that NJ residents have access to an incredible range of recycling options, and that there are very easy and convenient ways to recycle items and materials that you never thought could be recycled before.

Use the menu links at the top of the page to navigate around the website.

  • Reducing Waste - provides tips and ideas for how to reduce the amount of waste your household throws away in the first place.

  • What Can I Recycle? - provides information for how to recycle specific items or materials, from aluminum foil to yogurt pots.
  • NJ County Recycling Sites - provides links to your local curbside recycling information as well as your county recycling websites for both general recycling and hazardous waste collections.
  • Buy recycled - provides links to external websites with information on where you can buy products made from recycled materials, helping to provide a commercial market for recycling.

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We also have a facebook site that we use as a forum where NJ residents and businesses can post their own recycling ideas and stories. We would love to hear from you. Click on the facebook icon (left) to go to our facebook page.

You can also use the email form on our contact us page to send us any comments or ideas that you have.